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"HANDS-FREE" KIT Nr 3 - RECORD & FILM (parabolic microphone case + headset + tripod)


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Do you want to have your hands free to film nature with your camera while recording quality sounds? Discover this kit No. 3. Complete, it contains the case with the parabolic microphone + headphones + a modular column tripod.

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This Nr 3 “Hands-free” kit offered by Chiff-Chaff/Jama/Dodotronic includes the elements described below:

1 suitcase containing:

1 compact parabolic microphone (microphone with attached reflector)
1 mounting handle to hold it in hand (for use without a camera)
1 wind screen
+ 2 independent elements:

1 helmet
1 tripod
Not supplied in this kit: camera, external recorder.


Presentation photos: see the slideshow above

Total weight: 2,550 kg


Instructions for use in brief:


Attaching the microphone with the “flash” shoe.

Before buying: make sure your camera has:

- 1 “MIC” microphone input (normally yes! Often hidden behind a hatch on the left side)

- 1 output for headphones (not always on certain models).


If you want to use the compact parbolic microphone in standalone mode, that is to say WITHOUT a camera, you will need:

- attach the microphone to the handle (included in the case)

- have an audio recorder to be able to connect the microphone and headphones.


1. Microphone Parabolique Stéréo pro HI-SOUND COMPACT / DODOTRONIC :

To check compatibility with your equipment, you need to see if you have a 3.5 mm diameter round jack for the headphone input of your camera on the left side. This is often the case in modern cameras.

Features :

diameter: 9.7mm
height: 5mm
sensitivity -24dB
signal to noise ratio 80dB
real performance from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
delivered with a 3.5 mm jack (to be plugged into the external microphone socket of the photo body or camera.)
delivered with a suitcase
delivered with a wind shield
Comes with a handle, useful if you want to use it with an audio recorder instead of a camera.

Sensitivity (1 kHz @ 50cm) 0 db =1V/Pa: -24+3 dB
Rated voltage: 3 VDC
output impedance: 2.2 kΩ
current consumption (3VS with 2.2 kΩ RL): 500 au
signal-to-noise ratio (1kHz, 94 dB input, A-weighted): 80dB
decreasing voltage (3VS to 2VS): -3 dB
frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
Operating voltage range: 1-10 VDC
Max SPL input input (thd<3%): 110 dB
directivity: omnidirectional
Weight: 500g

Warranty: 1 year

2. Le trépied SIRIU SUPERB 124 + Rotule vidéo VA-5 :



Comes with a carrying bag.

This "tripod" kit is suitable for video enthusiasts with equipment weighing less than 3kg. The ideal tripod for mirrorless cameras and compact DSLRs. (Of course, you can use it with a spotting scope!)

The other advantage of this tripod ball head kit is its ability to resist water, dust and small particles.

Kit weight: 1.8 kg
Maximum weight supported by the ball joint: 3kg
Maximum weight supported by the tripod alone: ​​12kg


This 4-section carbon fiber tripod is original with its triangular central column which, once the tripod is folded, allows a circular footprint reduced by approximately 25%.

Relatively high: it rises to 158 cm for a folded dimension of 46cm.

It weighs only 1.2 kg while being able to support a load of 12 kg.

4 sections.

The tripod is protected against water, dirt and dust. It has a newly designed locking mechanism for convenient use. The tripod tubes are made of carbon (weight reduction, stability gain, low vibration).

Another special feature of this tripod is the triangular central column. The triangular design prevents twisting and reduces vibration. Of course, the column can be mounted upside down for shots close to the ground.

The legs can be adjusted in three locking steps. Each leg consists of 4 sections with 3 sealed locking rings. Rubber feet and twisted metal tips allow the tripod to stand securely on any surface.

A stabilizing hook on the center column is also part of the SIRUI standard, as is the carrying bag.

- Carbon legs and central column in 4 sections

- Reversible screw 1/4" and 3/8" for ball heads and cameras

- Waterproof and dustproof screw caps

- Rubber feet with twisted metal tips

- 1/4" and 3/8" accessory connections for flexible arm, microphone, monitor, etc.

- Spirit level in the mounting plate

- Fixing screws for mounting the head

- Stabilizing hooks on the central column

- Sections: 4

- Tube diameter: 17.5 - 26.5 mm

- Minimum height: 375 mm

- Maximum height: 1580mm

- Weight: 1.2 kg

- Package size: 48 cm

- Maximum load: 12 kg


The Video VA-5 fluid head supports a load of 3 kg for a weight of only 600 g. It is the ideal tool to support a reflex body, a small video camera or a terrestrial ornithological observation telescope.

Comes with a 23cm swivel arm and a TY-70A quick release plate (69x39mm) which has 1 x 1/4 screw and 1 x 3/8 screw.

Dimensions 76x120x83mm.
Base diameter: 48mm.


With an ergonomic ear-friendly design, the headphones can naturally adapt to the angle of all ear shapes, without compressing the ear.

Weight: 250g

Note: Non-contractual photos. This item can be exchanged with a helmet from another brand with the same or better characteristics if the manufacturer has upgraded it.


INFORMATION: Chiff-Chaff/Jama reserves the right to modify the products on the website without notice, depending on the evolution of the supplier's products. Prices are guaranteed while stocks last. Photos and non-contractual indications. Reproduction forbidden. Serving suggestion.