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Who sings in my garden? (Book+Cd : 36 Birds, 9 Insects, 4 Amphibians, 5 Mammals)


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BOOK NOT SOLD ON OUR WEBSITE: SEE PURCHASE LINKS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PRODUCT SHEET. This book (writed in french) edited by Larousse is accompanied by an audio CD and a Qrcode. It allows you to discover 54 animals (36 birds, 4 amphibians, 9 insects, 5 mammals) among the species that you will hear and see most frequently in or from your garden.

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Texts : Hervé Millancourt

CD audio (and Qrcode for smartphone) : Fernand Deroussen

Edition : Larousse

Collection : Animaux

Parution : 03/04/2020

Format : 19cm X 24cm

Pages : 144 pages

Weight : 501 g

ISBN : 978-2-03-596849-4

EAN : 9782035968494

EAN numérique : 9782035984074


Résumé de l'éditeur : 

A flute song echoes and wakes you up this spring morning? Is it a blackbird? A warbler? A hoarse cry crosses the garden ... Would a jay have passed there? Let’s not forget the insects that enliven summer evenings or the amphibians that croak in chorus all night ...   Whether it's a bird song, an insect song, an amphibian croak or a mammal cry, each sound is a real sound identity card that gives us clues about its owner.   With this CD-book, decipher your first bird songs and practice recognizing them in your garden. Also learn how to listen and observe some other animals, certainly less talented than our feathered friends, but just as amazing!   Listening to the little sound fauna in the garden is an exciting pastime accessible to everyone, without any equipment. In addition to sharpening our hearing and developing our memory, this simple, fun and relaxing activity makes the living world more familiar and awakens in us the desire to know it better.   So listen carefully to open your eyes better!

List of species to discover : 

36 birds

9 insects

4 amphibians

5 mammals